Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade

DSC_0006Guys, guys, guys! I bought a blender! So excited. The first experiments turned out to be basic fruit sludge and/or decoration for the kitchen ceiling. BUT then I figured out strawberry-kiwi-lemonade! The nice thing about making it yourself is you can adjust the sugar as desired.

1 small lemon, just squeezed in. (I haven’t bought a juicer yet.)

About 10 small strawberries

1 kiwi

~ 1/2 cup water

4 ice cubes

2 tablespoons sugar, to taste. (I ended up with a little more than I wanted thanks to dropping the spoon in the mix, but hey. It’s all good.)

Blend everything until smooth. Let set for about 5 minutes. Stir. Makes about 1 1/2 tall glasses worth.


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