Pineapple-Raspberry Ginger Ale Slush


Pineapple-Raspberry Ginger Ale Slush. It tastes so much better than the picture turned out! I used fresh pineapple but honestly, I think frozen might work even better. For my handy little one-person blender, I used

4 ice cubes

about 1/2 of frozen raspberries

3 inches of pineapple ring + a little juice from the container, or probably 3/4 cup

4/5 can of ginger ale

Unfortunately, my blender has slightly less power than a child’s spinning top. I discovered I had to put in the pineapple, some of the raspberries, about 1/3 of the ginger ale, and blend… stir… blend… and then add the ice cubes in pairs and the rest of the raspberries. It would taste better with more crushed ice, but my blender balked and would go no further. I gently stirred the rest of the ginger ale in (which preserves a bit of the carbonation).

Next task: find some way to get crushed ice. Besides simply walking outside and whacking an icicle with a hammer a few times, that is!


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