Blue morphos in flight

I went to an exhibit at a local conservatory and there were countless butterflies just waiting to be photographed! I’m still getting re-accustomed to my lens and shooting butterflies, period. Even with them in an enclosure, I didn’t do as well as I wanted to do. But I had a marvelous time.

Clipper butterfly

It was also a little bit of a triumph for me. A year ago I did this same exhibit with my sister. I was too… sick/hurt/out-of-it? … to manage even the few pounds of glass and circuitry and plastic that is my camera. This year I did it. I was exhausted and sore, and after the end of an hour of shooting my arm and hand had cramped and my finger was shaking too much to hit the “shoot the picture NOW!” button. But I got to do it!

White peacock butterfly


Perhaps a major triumph. 🙂



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