#besidesmydiagnosis #1

From theinvisblewarrior, via Ship With No Nails and a Girl with Five Lads and Fibro, comes a new challenge. #besidesmydiagnosis I am….followed by prompts. It comes at a good time, during a month more shadowed by doctor’s appointments than lit by social engagements and research breakthroughs.But because I’m not tweeting these things I think I’ll take them one day at a time…

#1. #besidesmydiagnosis the three things that I like about my appearance in the mirror are…?

  1. My eyes. They’re an odd color, more like the leaves of the scrub oak in summer … green and gold misted with dust brown.
  2. My ears, asymmetric and a wee bit pointy on one side, almost hinting at the puckishness I can’t quite conquer.
  3. My hands. I rarely notice them in the mirror, but I love how they work and I see them every day. I don’t wear nail polish or rings, just because I like them the way they are, and my fingers move faster over keyboards without the extra weight. Although if I’m completely honest, it’s also because I’d simply lose rings, and I haven’t the time, inclination, or talent to do fingernail polish…. so there’s that as well. 🙂DSC_0025

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