#besidesmydiagnosis #4

DSC_02014. #besidesmydiagnosis… My favorite pasttimes are?

There’s so many! Like many of you who have abruptly had chronic illness remake their lives, I’ve had to remake some of my hobbies so I can do them easier now that my body isn’t quite so cooperative. For instance, I still like to walk, even if I don’t do solo photography hikes in the Rockies anymore… which is probably a good deal safer all around.

Reading. Yes, it’s pretty much a profession and a hobby for me, graduate student that I am, a circumstance that many would consider to be a wee bit unhealthy. Although in my defense, the types of reading I do for fun vs. graduate school do tend to be different. Into that same category of passion meets profession goes listening to and playing music, and writing. “My avocation and my vocation/ as my two eyes make one in sight…” (Robert Frost, “Two Tramps in Mud Time”). How blessed I am.

However, photography, playing with unusual and not always successful smoothie combinations, gardening, and experimenting with food are all past-times quite separate from my professional life.


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