#besidesmydiagnosis #5


Are we feeling over-exposed?DSC_0227

No, normally hibiscus do not look like plastic!

#besidesmydiagnosis … My biggest accomplishment since illness is?

Oh, dear… here is a tricky one indeed. Certainly not the photo above!

In truth, I tend to see much of life right now as moments, and like Edna Mode in The Incredibles, I find myself thinking “I never look back, darhling, it detracts from the now.” To me, it’s like surf crashing, and there might not really be a high point or “biggest accomplishment” that’s worth looking back on, simply a bigger swell, and the ocean never stops. I didn’t either. It takes a lot, but I’m do believe I’m learning, and I think that’s a big accomplishment in its own way. I was told by a very wise man that the day he stopped learning something about a particular field would be the day that he quit that field. So I am learning to communicate better, to be more accepting, to be faithful and obedient and patient.

But as for my own personal concrete “waves,” I’ve helped friends move, started a blog, saw my first few students graduate with their master’s and doctoral degrees. I body-surfed, ate strawberries and fish tacos, played piano duets, took pictures of butterflies, and ice skated…. so many precious moments and memories and accomplishments.


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