#besidesmydiagnosis #6

Believe it or not, some scientists postulate that butterflies are territorial, selfishly defending their food source or prospective mate. Not the zebra longwing butterfly, however — this brightly patterned southern species forms large roosts to deter predators. Still a territory, but perhaps without the negative connotations, no?DSC_0212#besidesmydiagnosis… I feel my best quality is?

I’m sorry, but I laughed a bit at this at first. It does seem like a question on a dating site gone sideways to me in a strange way, single that I am. At the moment I feel that I don’t have a “best quality”… or even any that are that good.

How about “selfishness”? I’m so selfish I’ll work extra-hard to stop my students from cheating just to avoid the paperwork. I’ll put out extra time in office hours because it’s better to help my students succeed than to have to deal with failing them, and ultimately the extra office hours take less time from my life and career. I’ll help someone tie down a load properly because I selfishly don’t want it blowing back into my face. I’ll help someone catch their dog so I don’t have to deal with that poor person’s grief when a pet is hit by a car. I’ll listen to someone talk at length because it means I don’t have to potentially answer questions I’m uncomfortable answering.

Okay. Honestly, I’ll help because I really love dogs! And I want my students to do well in their studies, and for the poor man to make it home with his load safely too. But selfishness, or at the least self-interest, is in there too, merely leveraged differently.


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