#besidesmydiagnosis #8

bnf reading room.jpg
BnF reading room (not my picture — yet!)

#besidesmydiagnosis… I would love to travel to?

Almost EVERYWHERE! Banff National Park in Canada, Pirin in Bulgaria, fjords in Norway, the Great Barrier Reef. I want to toss a bucket of boiling water off a balcony in Russia and watch it turn to snow, play baseball at midnight under the summer sun in Alaska, see the cattle ranches on the hills and plains of Brazil, visit the Bibliotheque nationale in Paris and then eat croissants, cheer at a cricket game in England, dance in the rain in Wales, go adventuring in New Zealand, watch an opera in the Sydney opera house and visit the Empire Coffee Co. later, explore the Harry Potter theme park, see the mountains in China, take pictures of butterflies everywhere!


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