#besidesmydiagnosis #10

#besidesmydiagnosis…I have many dreams and ambitions such as?


A wacky and whimsical kaleidoscope of butterflies

Oh, dear. Now you’ve done it.

While I’ve never been good at the “5 year plan” as proposed by advisors and professors over the years, and while living with chronic illness has made me even more a person of the moment, that doesn’t mean I don’t still have dreams and ambitions. Some to share with the class, you say? Ok!

Opening a restaurant at the Wye. Opening another chain of cafes that have the kitchen carefully isolated so no cooking smells emerge, a safe place to go hang and eat plain noodles and boiled chicken and yogurt in the most luxurious and/or casual environment imaginable with your nearest and dearest. Getting latex-free twisty balloons on the market. Putting together fashion designers with people with chronic disabilities and illness, to design entire lines of (especially dress and business) clothes that hide wires and other devices, including mobility assists. (I know most people have to get their clothes custom modified anyway, but some really neat base designs could help, I feel.) Partnering with 3M and hospitals to make different colors of wires available for Holter monitors, as well as neat designs on electrode patches, especially for kids. (If anyone you know is already doing this, you’d be interested, or you have contacts to help make this happen, I hope you’ll comment on this page.)

Add to that finishing a dissertation, getting a bill-paying job, traveling, maybe eventually not being single, owning a very large dog, becoming a better photographer and writer, returning on the occasional basis to being a professional musician, being a good friend… learning to make frittatas… it will be a fun and busy life indeed.




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