Spicebush Swallowtail

The first thing that a butterfly must do upon emerging from the darkness of its chrysalis is assemble its proboscis. This new form for the insect, so strange, so ungainly, has no ability to eat until it coils and uncoils the long thin straw through which it will obtain those vital nutrients. As the butterfly flexes what is essentially its mouthpiece, the separate parts zipper together, allowing the adult to live.


Peck’s Skipper

Strangely enough, a few weekends ago that was my adult life as well, severely dehydrated and starving from a bad reaction to some meds, getting my nourishment from tubes. It’s among the most buggy bit of a butterfly to me, that proboscis, although it’s tied with those eyes one some… But the butterfly emerges from the dark, and proceeds to work out the details of its survival. However that may. So do we all, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the most buggy bit, or how uncomfortable it may be, or how difficult that initial assembly of adulthood is… survive. Fly free, in whatever form that takes.




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