Black Swallowtail

black-swallowtailIf at first you don’t succeed getting a picture of that one butterfly, in 7 easy steps:

  1. Move to a different spot. Then another. Then a 3rd… and then look back and see the butterfly just leaving the first spot and flit over a 20 ft hedge.
  2. Sit outside on the ground getting muddy pants for 4 hours, pretending to read a book and in reality wondering how come the only butterfly to come around is a cabbage white that doesn’t even settle on the lantana.
  3. Spot the butterfly out the window from the 3rd floor while sitting in a puddle of research, writing. Try to get body to cooperate, swim out from drifts of printouts, collect camera, stagger down stairs, only to see butterfly soar effortlessly out over the lawn … and into passing traffic.
  4. Spend an hour meandering blissfully through a friend’s garden with camera around neck. Don’t see A. Single. Thing. With. Wings. Still end up with 3 bug bites.
  5. Juggle books, groceries, dry cleaning, and a leaking water bottle while exiting car. See butterfly peacefully feeding on lantana. Manage to snag cell phone by holding grocery bags in teeth and using books as coat hanger for dry cleaning. Take picture that has that curiously flat yet distorted quality of cell phone pics regardless of supposed pixels.

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