I do PT at at a massive facility devoted to “post-acute” care. It doesn’t often look very “post-acute” to me. But since it is so large, there are walking paths and courtyard with a fountain. There’s green space. Ideal butterfly hunting ground before heading into therapy, on the (ahem, VERY) rare occasions when I’m early.

The clouded sulfur is listed as a common butterfly, and prolific in my area. I’ve read that they can occur in massive kaleidoscopes in fields. I’ve been informed that it’s a very bad butterfly day indeed when you don’t see a few of these.

I hardly ever see clouded sulfurs! Or orange sulfurs. They show up occasionally, but are difficult to photograph, even though they’re so much larger than the skippers and hairstreaks. That day there were about four though, coyly peering out from among the clover, and slyly leading me ever further from the facility.


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