Eastern Comma

dsc_0196Unexpectedly, magically, a piece of bark or a bit of dead brown leaf suddenly comes to life, brilliant orange soaring against the gentle breeze, and then just as suddenly disappears.


I casually squiggle behind a sign, army-crawl over dusty dirt, fold myself in a gap between two boulders, and angle my camera as the butterfly equally casually flits its wings twice, circles my head, and heads the opposite direction, up a 45-degree slope and back into the sun-dappled woods. More appear near the state park’s open lawn, though, sampling the dirt.


They’re the first commas I’ve taken a picture of, and unfortunately I was experimenting with a new lens filter. I didn’t realize until after I made it home and looked at the shots that one of the reasons I might have been fighting so hard to pull things into focus was more than just exhaustion and vertigo… the lens protector might just not be the best. A lot of my shots from that day have a very odd distortion pattern. Combine that with a tad too shallow depth of field, and some are really carnival-esque shots.

Yes, there is a butterfly in this photograph!

A fantastic butterfly day, a bad photography day — one of a long run for me! Anyone else have a hard time with UV filters or lens protectors? Any recommends?


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