Spring Break

Underclassmen: Finally! *Goes and parties for whole week, preferably on a beach.*

Upperclassmen: Finally! *Intends to write papers, instead parties for 90% of week and finishes papers in mad sprint on the weekend*

Graduate students: Finally. *Desperately writes papers for 75% of the week*

Graduate fellows: Final…zzzzz. *Goes home and sleeps for 80% of the week, and frantically grades and writes a dissertation chapter for the last 20%.*

Teachers: FINALLY! *Goes home and must take nap before changing out of teaching clothes and removing glitter from hair.*

Professors: FINALLY. *Is in sweats by 4:00 pm on Thursday, numbly sipping wine and staring at an upcoming publication, 4 classes’ of grading, 3 articles for review, 2 committees, and grant proposal with a sort of remote panic fizzing gently in the back of the throat.*


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