Confessions of a (chronically ill) graduate student

I confess. I occasionally get irked at friends who are trying out new diets. “Shred 10 is great!” one recently gushed. “I love it and I’ve done it several times!” “Nah, Ketogenic is the way to go,” someone else insisted.

For them, diets are pulled on enthusiastically and then discarded quickly, like summer camp t-shirts. They try to get me to come along to camp, and don’t understand why I don’t get on board, start singing “The Wheels on the Bus” and pull on a sparkly t-shirt too. But for me, well, diet is less summer camp and more a career in the Navy SEALS. Reading ingredient labels is life.

So I politely decline to join them on the trendy new diet. I secretly hope that these sorts of voluntary restrictions don’t adversely affect people who really have to avoid certain foods. And then I smile, and I tell them where I go to shop… because friends are friends, and people should be able to chose what they eat without excessive judgement, and SEALS do occasionally help summer campers.


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