Traveling with POTS, III

I pack a lot of shorts and pants. Compression hose might look nice with a dress, and I love dresses… but I sit cross-legged everywhere, or even curled up with my knees hugged to my chest. I have too many younger relations who haven’t grown out of their “I see London, I see France!!” stage to do otherwise.

No, I’m not afraid or emotionally stressed. Physically, it seems to help with the blood pressure issues and nausea of my version of POTS. Many websites recommend similar tactics while standing or sitting (“fidget!” a UK site recommended! 🙂 So at restaurants, churches, graduations, stadiums, and theaters, I defy the norms of society. I don’t sit properly with my feet on the floor, or with my ankles crossed. I yoda, and smile. Invert my verbs too, I sometimes do. 🙂



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