Wholesome Chow/ It’s Wholesome! Vanilla Muffins

20171228_194138.jpgOne of the things I missed most while I was on an elimination diet was dessert. There were still some things I could do, but generally sugar and sweet things were a no-no.

The good news is I don’t have such tight dietary restrictions now. The bad news is dessert still not that great for you. AND it’s very difficult to have a good dessert with no egg, dairy, soy, coconut, or palm oil. Turnovers? Loaded with dairy and palm oil. Ice cream? Dairy. Custard? HAhahaha… ok. No. It might not always be death a la mode, but it is at least going to spoil the evening. And since that’s the exact opposite function of a good dessert, I reluctantly decline most offers. (Thereby solidifying my unjustified reputation as a skinny girl who eats healthily to maintain her figure … instead of a woman who is fighting desperately to maintain weight on a diet that consists of Rice Chex, applesauce, and chicken.)

So I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED when I find any dessert that works, especially if it’s the type that comes in a convenient box or bag that I can mix up in a hurry. This one was a winner. We found it in a grocery store in Central California.


As you can hopefully see from the bad cell phone picture – my apologies, I couldn’t take my camera on this trip because there wasn’t room next to all the meds! – it is gluten, dairy, egg, soy, casein, and nut free. It’s amazing. The mix is as light as fairy dust when you pour it out of the bag. The cupcakes were sweet vanilla clouds, airy and delicate. They came together quickly, easily, and beautifully. With only a few ingredients required, there was a lot less mess than my typical forays into the dessert world too. Since my dishwasher can only be loaded if the refrigerator door is open, this is a distinct plus too. 🙂


I topped my second cupcake with jam and a quick icing made from almond milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Delicious. I still haven’t figured out a good frosting (if I’m not allergic to the proposed ingredients, someone else in my family was, so no dice. FYI, Wholesome Chow, which has changed its name to It’s Wholesome, does make a frosting. It unfortunately has palm oil in it, and I decided to avoid anaphylaxis for one more day and left their frosting at the store). One day I’ll either find or figure out a way to make a delicious fluffy and safe frosting. In the meantime, I heartily recommend your favorite smushed fruit and some icing.




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