New Flyers!!

Sara Spins Flyer 1 5-17-18Here are the new flyers, which will redirect people to Sara Spins instead of to the old GoFundMe! Jpegs are here, and pdfs are linked at the bottom of this post.

For new readers, here is a little background on who I am, what this fundraiser is for, and other fun things that I don’t (or didn’t?) usually write about on this blog:

Michelle Lawton​ is a PhD student studying musicology at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to her research on fairy tales and 19th century piano ballades, she loves photography, cooking, and being outdoors.
She was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2007 and by 2018 had undergone 3 procedures to treat it. She is also being treated for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS, formerly known as Ehlers-Danlos Type III). She is also being treated for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), autoimmune disorders, and fibromyalgia. She takes 30 different medications each day to manage her conditions and struggles with balance, joint subluxations, syncope, and allergic reactions including anaphylaxis.

Michelle’s medical team agrees that a service dog could help with mobility issues and medical alerts, which could be life-saving for Michelle.  


While at the University of Cincinnati, Michelle has been a graduate writing tutor Academic Writing Center, the editor of the graduate student-run journal Music Research Forum, an instructor, a graduate teaching fellow, a teaching assistant, and an editorial assistant. She hopes to continue using her skills and passion for teaching as a music history professor in the future. When she isn’t studying madly for her comp exams, she also enjoys cooking, trying (and failing) to keep houseplants alive, and learning how to twist balloons. Learn more about Michelle through her blog on graduate school and chronic illness at Titanium*Butterflies.


Fundraisers work best if a lot of people know about them. If many people just donate a tiny amount, I’ll be traipsing through my campus in no time with a furry friend who will help me balance, run to fetch epi-pens, and get help when I’m on the floor from a mast cell reaction. I’m asking for your help in spreading the word. To that end, me and a bunch of determined friends have made a few flyers. (A few, because we’re PhD students in history and English and musicology, not graphic designers, unfortunately. Or decisive people, either!. 🙂 Truly, though, I have the most amazing friends.)

Sara Spins Flyer 2 5-17-18

These flyers make great additions to your local coffeehouse’s walls, the bulletin boards of pet stores, your dining room table, and paper airplane competitions everywhere. I’ve found that it’s actually very easy to put one or two up in different places. Locally-owned shops, I’ve found, are usually more able to help than big chains. My friends and I typically say something like this:

“Hello, my name is [insert name or imaginative pseudonym here]. I’m helping with a fundraiser for a student who needs a service dog. It’s being run by a non-profit called Sara Spins. We have some flyers to help raise awareness about this service dog campaign … would you be willing to help us by letting us put one on a window or a bulletin board? Someplace visible in your shop?”

Of course, I never manage to say it that smoothly. Usually, in fact, I turn pink and stutter. But I’ve found that people have usually been very kind in my area. Please consider printing one off and shoving it in a bag or pocket, and the next time it crosses your mind while getting a coffee, haul out its crumpled remains and ask. I’d appreciate it so very much. Every little bit helps.

Sara Spins Flyer 1 5-17-18

Sara Spins Flyer 2 5-17-18

Sara Spins Flyer 3 5-17-18

Sara Spins Flyer 3 5-17-18


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