Spring Blooms

I cannot get over how quickly spring has arrived. I really can’t get over how quickly it has left! I think spring lasted for a long weekend this year, a brief interlude that was over before I had even run out of space on my camera’s memory cards. Everywhere you turned another beautiful scene, like something from a watercolor in a museum, met my eyes.


I’m quite sure I both puzzled and exhausted my Midwest friends with my endless squealing over the silky tulip blossoms, the unexpected magnolia trees, and above all at the fabulously gorgeous and incredibly stinky Asian pear trees. I don’t think I managed to complete more than 3 sentences all together before I pointed at something else and shrieked “look!!”


This flower bed had all of the colors of spring and summer at once. Apparently these are bluebells…?!


It is my fifth year someplace with an official spring. It has not gotten old yet. Both me and my allergies go berzerko at the first hint of pollen, and I stuff pockets with camera lens caps and kleenex and start begging to go out-out-out, like an antsy toddler. My jacket and clothes were mud stained and pollen coated once we finished shooting the daffodils, and it was wonderful.


Happy spring, everyone!


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