First Cabbage White?!?

Cabbage white butterflies have been a constant *almost* wherever I go. Usually, they’re among the first butterflies I see in the spring, and not coincidentally, they’re also among the first that I photograph! Bright white, dependable, and not finicky about where they pose for pics, cabbage whites were sort of the Hufflepuffs of the local butterflies for me. Not showy, but steadfast.

Not this spring.

Oh, there were a few little white flitters off in the edges of my vision in the beginning, but that might have just been POTSie pre-syncope visual snow. Whatever they were, they didn’t materialize for a picture. And that was the status quo for the whole (short) spring.

Finally, en route to photographing something far different, one appeared! I got one shot off.


I feel like I should make this lonely butterfly a dating profile:

Name: Pieris rapae (Pete). Likes: Traveling! I love to fly and see the world. Dislikes: Sub-freezing temperatures. I’ll hibernate, thanks. Hobbies: I dabble in flowers. I’m also thinking of taking up ultra-marathons. I heard once in the 1950s there was a 12 km, so maybe I’ll aim for that. (If you’re my size, that’s substantial.) Ideal date: We meet for some nice strawberry and mint nectar, and see where it goes, maybe take a slow aimless lap around the local mustard field …


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