We’ll Return To Normal Broadcasting After These Brief Adventures…

Pacific Ocean, Central Coast of California

I’ve been on vacation, and curiously, there were very few butterflies about in the crags and coves of my little slice of peace. There were sea lion pups and acres of grapes, and I feel more than adequately compensated for the lack of brilliantly-winged targets.


It was dry, but not yet gray with drought this year. We used to joke growing up that of course there was 4 seasons! There was the green, the brown, the gray, and the black. It was a joke with more than a little bit of truth to it.



Even though it is beautiful and full of adventures and people I love, vacation is usually a slightly fraught experience for me. There’s not a nearby competent hospital. The understanding of others near me about my conditions is … variable. Sometimes this means over-protectiveness. Other times it will equal eating at an unfamiliar place and a waiter forgetting that “dairy, egg, and soy allergies” means that my request for no dressing on a dish should be respected. Sometimes it means casual acceptance and a shoulder to hold as I walk the bluffs. Other times, though, I find out that although I thought my nearest-and-dearest understood my life with chronic illness, it turns out they believe I haven’t been in a hospital gown for 3 years.

(Uh, I’m not so lucky in fashion choices, sorry).

(Pic on my return home. Just MRIs.)

So far I have been lucky while on vacation. I’ve tried to stretch that luck a little further by being careful about what I eat, being proactive about treating flares, and resting. Resting while on a family vacation isn’t always easy. Part of that struggle comes entirely from me — I always feel like I’m wasting valuable time with my family and experiencing my new surroundings. If I could, I wouldn’t sleep at all on vacation!

These pups have the right idea: sleep is necessary!


The day I returned home, we got the keys to the new place and started the move. I’ve only just found the camera gear again, wedged among the conducting batons and posters. The weather has been hot here, that type of summer heat you can cut with shears and wear as a coat, it’s so thick with humidity. Even the butterflies have respected its suffocating force and stayed hidden during the hottest hours.

But now I’ve found the camera battery charger (I hope), and normal summer posting will resume as soon as the heat breaks a little!



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