Happy Monday! – from your resident cloudless sulphur


I was running late for the campus shuttle. And then a bright spark of butter yellow casually floated over the asphalt, headed over to the nectar bar along the side of the parking garage, and lackadaisically settled down for a quick snack. Meaning I had all the time in the world to get down on the ground (where I wanted to wait for the shuttle anyway!) and enjoy the unexpected moment of beauty.

I love it when I find butterflies in urban spaces. It’s like finding out you misread the syllabus and have another week to finish that paper. Or maybe like the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end really does exist.

And so, to the shock of the jacketed professionals scurrying around me, I sat on the ground and enjoyed the flying pot of gold, just another passenger on the earth. And then it went its way, and I caught my shuttle.

Happy Monday!


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