Grading break

I have a wonderful job adjuncting two sections of a music appreciation course this year.

The lights work, and there is a piano. One of the five dry erase markers still writes, and one of the two speakers mostly functions. There’s even four walls, which puts it one above the science wing at the community college I attended.

And then there’s the grounds. It’s September here, but they have green grass, flowers, and benches. I found a quiet garden near my building – there’s really no other word for it. Periodically I slip out and grade or wait for my ride there, appreciating the sense of tranquillity even while still getting to enjoy watching the bustle of an urban campus.

Yes, I love it.

I’m not the only thing that does, either. There’s been butterflies everywhere! Now it’s mostly skippers, whites, and monarchs. This one seemed especially cheeky and held still long enough for a cell phone pic.

Next time, I’ll have to find a way to take my camera, along with lugging all of my other teaching gear … goals!


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