A Camera for Christmas!

I couldn’t take my camera with me on vacation. I was already taking far too much along, and at the start of the trip, I didn’t know that medical bags flew for free!! (More on that wonderful discovery another day.) Either way, I was maxed out, and my trusty Nikon, steadfast buddy through all sorts of trouble that it had mostly gotten me into in the first place, was going to have to stay at home.

And that’s when something amazing happened. A family friend talked to my parents. She had a camera body and some lenses she could loan me over break … would I be interested?


I arrived in the guest room after traveling some 2300 miles. There was an enormous green case — up to my waist if stood on end!! — and sacks of camera gear.

SANTA CAME EARLY. And dressed like my old photo buddy from years ago.

For the first time, I had unlimited access to a genuine macro lens. *Spends two weeks basically screaming in excitement and terror*


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