The Camera Shy

I almost never do portraits. My nearest and dearest have learned to flee at the sound of the velcro tabs ripping apart on my camera case. My brother has the skills of the Ghost from Marvel, slipping into another dimension the second I raise a lens in his general vicinity. I turned to macro, landscape, and wildlife photography partly because mountains don’t usually run away from me. [I am convinced that a few in Colorado did. How else to explain the fact that they weren’t where they were supposed to be? We weren’t lost, of course not. 🙂 ]

This year, I was able to sneak in a few pictures of people… but they were not portraits in the traditional sense. A macro lens and an unspoken compromise paved the way, and what I ended up with was some beautiful expressions of what the holidays mean to my family.

My aunt learning to play a new word game (with assists from my grandmother)
3 generations, all making tea and coffee in a random collection of mugs, some from far-flung places, some hand-thrown and fired in local kilns
Peacefully – and exhaustedly! – watching the last of the festivities die down.


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