Holiday Food!

My aunt’s marzipan cookies

I love food. And if you love food, then my family’s homes near the holidays is where you want to be. There’s food everywhere.

I’m horrible at doing food photography. Normally I am far too interested in eating it to take a picture of my meal, and if you scroll through the blog pics that do exist, you’ll probably note that none of them are exactly shining gems worthy of Food Network fame. Theoretically, I know things about framing, shadow, texture, etc. when shooting food. Realistically? I want pancakes. I make pancakes. I eat all the hot pancakes. Should any pancakes be left over, cold and soggy on a grad student’s flatware of choice (think recyclable), I might take a picture… with my cell phone camera.

But I also have mast cell activation syndrome, and there’s a limited number of foods I can eat. This is especially true during the holidays, when there’s a lot of special foods and family dinners. I’m not eating food allergy friendly foods alone in my tiny grad school kitchen then; I’m surrounded by lakes of dairy and mountains of meat. In that case, I enjoy making food, inexpertly photographing it, and then watching others happily devour it while enjoying the pleasure of their company. There’s a lot of pleasure to be found in food that has little to do with actually eating it yourself.

Grandma’s infamous cheese balls



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