Confessions of a (chronically ill) graduate student

Just when I think I’ve got medication schedules down and have a handle on things, I forget that Med 1 has to be an hour before eating, Med 2 a half an hour before, and Meds 3-infinity have to be taken with food.

Ramifications: I can’t just grab a quick bit on my way out the door to a concert. Missed concert so I could eat, take meds, and function another day. Simple, necessary, and devastating self-care.


#besidesmydiagnosis #2

DSC_0034.JPG#besidesmydiagnosis …the things I have read most are?

Oh my gosh. Books about music. It’s my degree, after all, but I do enjoy it. For other “free reading” – loads of stuff! Books about photography, Cornelius Funke’s Reckless series, A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch, the Magisterium kids series, Jeeves and Wooster stories by P. G. Wodehouse, fantasy by Patricia McKillip, the Penderwicks series…  I did just get back from vacation, after all. 🙂  I love reading well-written children’s/tweens/early teens books.

Cordiforme Butterflies

These butterflies are from the margins of the Cordiforme Chansonnier, a book of vocal music from the late 1400s. Its red velvet covers form the shape of a single heart when closed, a double joined heart when opened. This lovely book, when opened, is barely wider than the span of my two hands.

20151028_111129 20151028_111040

And yes, these are cell phone grabs without a flash, from a morning in an archive with a facsimile. Bad photographer… distracted but enchanted researcher. 😀