Confessions of a (chronic pain) graduate student

I may have *considered* using ILL to get books from one on-campus library sent over to another on-campus library with closer parking.

Just considered. Yep.



Mind: WOW… new pain killers hit hard, man. wwooooOOOOOwwww….

Body: This is weird.

Mind: Look at all the sparkly singing sunlight!!I wanna catch it all in my hands and kiss it!

Body: Um… I still hurt, just so you know. But I can’t really respond to it right now.

Mind: (some small part still very rational) …. Oh shoooooot, shouldn’t have tried those new meds before going to church…

Arguments with Myself

Before pain arrived, like summer humidity in a stifling, sticky, and inescapable blanket, my mind, body, and emotions were usually on good terms. I mean, sure, there were times when one or the other rebelled, when my emotions threw a titzy-fit, when my mind simply refused, REFUSED to think one more second about that paper. Most of the time though, all the parts of me simply sounded through life in well-tempered harmony.

Then that changed. My mind/body/emotions went from being happy twenty-somethings to being grouchy toddlers, sullen temperamental teenagers, or rival factions in a land dispute in Central Asia. And hilariously, in these arguments, I always lost…as one must always do when one argues with oneself. 🙂